Physical Therapy is the art and science of rehabilitation from injuries. We, as Physical Therapists, are licensed primary healthcare professionals. We diagnose musculo-skeletal conditions and neurological disorders. In our facility we specialize in manual therapy and neuro-muscular re-education to restore normal function and improve the quality of life.

At DPPT we follow a simple approach: “Restoration, Stabilization and Strengthening/Function.” This motto is a logical sequence in the rehabilitation process. The first step is to restore the normal function of the tissues, joints and structures involved. Prior to starting a rigorous exercise program, a thorough evaluation is done. A diagnosis is made and then using manual techniques, the joint and tissue mobility are restored and adaptations and dysfunctions addressed.

Secondly, we need to teach, or re-educate, the muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints to work and move in their natural sequence. To improve stability we use many different techniques and exercises. Our facility integrates the Pilates method with rehabilitation and traditional physical therapy exercises, to improve biomechanics and proper muscle recruitment.

Finally, after mobility and stability have been achieved, our focus turns to building strength, endurance, and ultimately function. This phase is less hands-on, and more responsibility is placed on “homework” for the patient to progress the rehabilitation program.

At DPPT we strive to use the most up to date therapy techniques and information to help our patients reach their maximal rehab potential in a timely fashion. We cannot promise to cure a condition in three visits due to the complexity and healing capacity of each individual, but we do promise to deliver the highest standard of care to all of our patients.