Self-Pay Physical Therapy Prices


Basic – up to 25 minutes

Our most economical option.  This works well for follow up, working on a specific component and a great option as you progress.

$70/65 per visit or $325/300 for package of 5


Advanced - up to 55 minutes

Our most popular option.  This visit allows plenty of time to address several components without feeling rushed.

$130/125 per visit or $625/600 for package of 5


Extended – up to 85 minutes

This is a great option for more complex issues, being able to address multiple components in one visit.  Especially nice for those who are not able to come in as frequently.

$170/165 per visit or $825/800 for package of 5


Initial Evaluation

The initial visit for a particular injury or condition.


Pilates Prices

Class TypeSingle4 Pack8 Pack
Mat Class$15/13$56/50$104/96
Reformer Class$30/28$112/100$208/184
Private Session$75/73$290/280$560/540
Duet Private Session$45/43$170/160 (Per person)
Trio + Private Session$35/33$130/120 (Per person)
1/2 hour Focus Sessions & Home Programs$45/43
Private Session w/ other instructor$67/65$260/250$500/480

SAVE with packages and paying with cash or check!
Second price listed for each option is our cash/check discount price