Diamond Peak Physical Therapy is a small independent practice that has focused, from its inception, on individualized treatment plans based on the specific needs and goals of each patient. We have a strong emphasis in manual therapy and movement re-education.  Our licensed therapists staff have extensive continuing education training, so we are current with the latest research on evaluation, rehabilitation and injury prevention.

At DPPT we cannot promise that you will be pain free in one visit and that you won’t need us again in the future, but we can promise that your treatment will be unique to your needs and goals. We understand that the human body is a complex system of interacting parts. Every one of us is different and unique! Our philosophy is a sequence of Restoration, Stabilization and Strengthening. In other words, we use our evaluation techniques to determine the dysfunction, then focus on restoring the normal health and movement of the affected or adjacent areas. Once the function and health are restored, we move to the next phase, stabilization. We teach the body to move more optimally by re-educating the muscles and nervous system to work together so you can move without hurting other structures and body parts thus improving body mechanics and posture. Finally, we move to the strengthening phase. In this phase we work on increasing strength and endurance to improve function and reduce reoccurrence of injury, with the goal for you become independent.

We take select insurance companies (please contact us for our current list).  We choose not to participate with some insurance companies as they severely limit what we are able to do in your treatment regardless of what is best for you. Some insurance companies are more concerned about profits for their shareholders than the health of their patients and our morals and ethics do not allow us to follow that model. At Diamond Peak Physical Therapy we concentrate on health care not ill care.  We have competitive self-pay rates to give you options for your rehabilitation.