Diamond Peak Offices

Diamond Peak Physical Therapy, PC (DPPT) was founded in 2002, by Rodrigo Gil Moreno de Mora, in Loveland CO. As the clinic grew, more space was needed, so in 2009 we built and moved into our current location on Taurus Ct. This beautiful and unique facility gave us room to continue to expand and grow.
In 2009, Diamond Peak Physical Therapy began offering Pilates classes and private lessons, in combination to PT and as a progression of the rehabilitation process. This addition to the clinic gave patients a way to continue their progress they had made in physical therapy as well as injury prevention.
In 2010, Diamond Peak Physical Therapy added a sister company, Pro Bike Center. Pro Bike does bicycle fits for the recreation and professional cyclist to improve comfort, performance and injury prevention. The bike fits are done by a Physical Therapist who specializes in biomechanics and anatomy using Wobble-Naught Laser system.
In 2016, Rodrigo and Misty completed the intensive the running coach certification for Runity. Runity is a program for developing and improving the skill of running. Great for novice and experienced runners alike. Runity focuses in the gradual loading of the tissue, so injuries are prevented.