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Pregnancy and Pilates

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Pregnancy and Pilates


At the beginning of April, I attended an awesome continuing education class from Pamela A. Downey, PT, DPT, WCS, BCB-PMB regarding Pilates and Women’s Health.  What a great class!  A great reminder of the importance of our core muscles working together and the role the Physical Therapists and Pilates instructors in women’s health.


Pregnancy is, in itself, a wonderful and miraculous event.  The changes that occur in the body to make growing a child possible are precise and with purpose.  Because of the changes that the body must go through, there is a rehabilitation process that follows the delivery.  For 9 months the abdominals have been stretched, the pelvic floor stressed, and the diaphragm compressed.  Not to mention the trauma of delivery that our pelvic floor goes through!  So no wonder things aren’t working 100% for a little while.  Pregnancy is, in a way, like rehabilitating from an injury.


Our core is made up of the pelvic floor, transverse abdominus, multifidis and diaphragm.  Post pregnancy work on these muscles is crucial to returning to good posture and function not only to prevent pain and injury but also to be in shape to care for the new baby.  We need these muscles to work and to work together.  Our core creates our posture.  Holding a baby is a big task for our core muscles to maintain good posture so if these muscles are not rehabilitated and strengthened, posture will suffer and often neck, back and hip pain follow.


How to know if you need a Physical Therapist or a Pilates instructor?  If you have been experiencing pain in the back, hips or neck, problems with incontinence or diastasis recti, starting with a P.T. is your best bet.  P.T. treatments will focus on muscle reeducation, soft tissue work, breathing and postural education.  Pilates will follow up with progressing the strengthening of the core, activation and flexibility of the pelvic floor and continue the work on breathing.  If you are wondering if Physical Therapy or Pilates could be of benefit to you, please give us a call or talk with your doctor.


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