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After a recent foot surgery with subsequent range of motion problems, I became a patient at Diamond Peak Physical Therapy. I was impressed with the very thorough diagnostic evaluation, which directed a treatment plan for my recovery. Rodrigo, Tom and Misty worked together as a team to devise a program, which included electrical stimulation therapy to address inflammation, physical therapy to address muscle tightness and exercise therapy to strengthen weakened muscles and restore the proper use of them. They emphasized the importance of diligent performance of my at-home therapy regimen, which would be the key to making progress. In the beginning I wasn’t sure I’d ski again, but after several weeks of hard work, here I am on the mountain again. Thanks, Diamond Peak, for all your help.


What an amazing difference a couple of weeks and visits to Diamond Peak made in my life. After finally getting a diagnosis of Achilles tendenosis preceded by two and a half months of pain, I was amazed at what Rodrigo and his staff were able to do to rehabilitate my ankle which allowed me to run in a 5K fun run and experience no pain. Previous to my therapy, I had pain simply walking around the block. I was impressed with the therapy which included a combination of stretching, strengthening my core trunk muscles, the dry needle technique for relaxing my calf muscles, and realigning my hip joints which, come to find out, initially led to my Achilles tendenosis. I can’t thank the Diamond Peak staff enough for their help and therapies to get me back up and running again!


I don’t know what you did yesterday, but this morning I am walking (actually with some “speed”) without pain. At first, I didn’t realize what was happening, now I am holding my breath and hoping the pain doesn’t return. We’ll see how I feel this afternoon after sitting for a long time. I cannot remember the last time I actually took a step without some kind of pain. It is a wonderful freeing feeling – to just walk.