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Diamond Peak PT was founded in 2002 as a small independent practice offering an alternative to current providers in our community. DPPT focused, from its inception, on building the treatment plan on the needs of the patient. The patient’s goals are part of the rehabilitation goals. We have a strong emphasis on manual therapy. We are able to offer the best care in a state of the art facility. Our licensed therapist staff has extensive continuing education training, so we are current with the latest evaluation and treatment approaches to rehabilitation.

At DPPT we cannot promise that you will be pain free in three visits and that you won’t need us again, like you are part of a recipe book. We understand that the human body is a very complex system of interacting parts. Every one of us is different and unique! Our philosophy is Restoration, Stabilization and then Strengthening. In other words, we use our evaluation techniques to determine the dysfunction, then we focus on restoring the normal health and movement of the affected or adjacent areas. Once the function and health is restore, we move to the next phase, stabilizing. We teach your body to move the right way by re-educating your muscles and nervous system to work together so you can move with out hurting other structures and body parts. Finally, we move to the strengthening phase. Now you can start a semi-independent program to increase function and aiming for a completely independent program.


We understand that the rehab process does not happen over night, and that hard work in our part and your part is required to reach the results that you expect. This is a team approach where the patient is the prime player.

We choose not to participate with some insurance companies. The reason for selecting our participation is because some insurances are more concerned about profits for their shareholders than the health of their patients and they severely limit what we are able to do in treatment. Our morals and ethics do not allow us to follow that model. At DPPT we are concerned about results not numbers. At Diamond Peak Physical Therapy we concentrate in health care not ill care.