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Stretching or no stretching? (Part 1)

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Stretching or no stretching, that is the question.

In the last few years a controversy has been brewing about the subject of stretching. What is the big deal about stretching? Some health care professional promote stretching some condemned it. The truth is that this subject is complex and lengthy. This is the first of many blogs to discuss the reasons behind stretching, when or when not to do it.

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Pilates & Back Pain

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Pilates and back pain are commonly heard phrased together. Why Pilates? What do you need to know before you start Pilates for your back pain?

There can be many reasons for back pain. The most common reasons however include tight or inflexible muscles, weak core muscles, poor posture or movement dysfunction of the spine or pelvis. Often these components go hand in hand.

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What is Pilates?

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Pilates has been a buzzword for several years. It seems like everyone knows someone who is doing Pilates. Television and movies often talk of Pilates, athletes are using it for their conditioning, seniors are using it in their rehabilitation. So people are asking, what is Pilates and why is it so great?

Pilates is a group of exercises designed to improve core strength, flexibility and body awareness. The emphasis is on training the body as an integrated whole. Exercises are performed with attention paid to precision versus quantity. It focuses on strengthening and elongating muscles, which when they are balanced, good posture is easily attained allowing for ideal alignment and movement of the joints. Pilates develops strength, stability, flexibility, balance, posture, improved breathing and inner body awareness.

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